Guiding Questions for the 5D Framework

The following questions will help guide the design of learning experiences following the 5D Framework. Discovery  Audience  Who are we trying to reach?  What are their needs in this area?  How does an online learning experience fit into their lives? How can we reach them with this opportunity?  Investment  What will it cost to offerContinue reading “Guiding Questions for the 5D Framework”

The 5D Framework for Learning Experience Design

Adapted from Budd (2016a, 2016b)  In a 2016 article, Daniel Christian names two challenges to his own recommendations for embedding learning experience designers (LXDs) in course teams for the production of excellent online courses. First, he suggests that course teams can often be unwieldy and inefficient, becoming “a bottleneck to the organization” (Christian, 2016). Second,Continue reading “The 5D Framework for Learning Experience Design”