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Course Kitchen’s clients are global corporations, small startups, local businesses, and academic institutions. We have designed and developed a number of blended and online learning experiences with teams at a wide range of organizations. Below are some examples:

cropped-cklotus.jpgBlended Learning Experiences

Essentials for New Managers: In partnership with The Mind Gym and Partner in Publishing, we created a series of online learning modules to be used as part of a blended curriculum for new managers at Microsoft. The screenshots below provide samples from some of these modules.


New Agent Training:  In partnership with experts from Learning Tribes and Partner in Publishing, we created a comprehensive blended learning program for new call center agents at companies such as Groupon and Hewlett Packard. These programs include a series of online learning experiences and simulations, classroom activities, and regular opportunities to sit with experienced agents, answer client requests, and receive immediate feedback. The following screenshots show the training model for one of these programs and examples from the online call simulations.



Finance 101: This module was created as pre-work for a variety of Babson Executive Education (BEE) programs, as a level-setting tool for audiences ranging from chief financial officers to leaders with no financial background. Upon completion of this module, students apply the concepts to their own organizations under the leadership of Babson’s world-class faculty. Bonnie designed this module with Professor Chris Hennessy. The following screenshots show examples from the online challenge in which participants review a series of financial documents to make a decision about whether or not to approve a loan. Upon completion, participants debrief their decisions in real-time with Professor Hennessy.


Business Acumen for Senior Leaders: This six-module series was created in partnership with Change Logic for top executives at a global engineering company. The blended program consists of six online learning experiences with a corresponding reflection guide, instructor-led activities, and printable job aids. The screenshots below show samples from some of the online modules.


 cropped-cklotus.jpgDesign Strategy

The 5D’s: A Collaborative Model of Learning Design: Bonnie wrote this two-part piece in Evolllution in July 2016. Strong program design and development relies on participatory collaboration between multiple parties, and a model to support that collaboration is critical to its overall success.

Teaching and Learning Lab Blog: Along with her colleagues, Bonnie wrote for the HGSE Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) website. Her posts include descriptions of key design philosophies and collaborative strategies used to create engaging digital learning experiences.

Screenshots from Consistent Decision Making, a blended learning program for branch auditors at Edward Jones Investments.

cropped-cklotus.jpgImmersive Simulations

Entrepreneurial Leadership Online: This is a standalone simulation teaching the foundational principles of Babson College‘s Entrepreneurial Thought and Action and providing opportunities to practice the concepts in a safe space. Bonnie designed this module with H. James Wilson, Sam Perkins, and Professors Heidi Neck, Danna Greenberg and Kathleen McKone-Sweet.

cropped-cklotus.jpgMultimedia Case Studies

Interactive Case Study: Participants at Babson Executive Education (BEE) step into the role of president of a construction company facing a variety of challenges. Sitting at their desk, they explore emails, meeting notes, press clippings and voicemail messages to understand the issues and then, working in groups, they complete a root cause analysis. Each team develops a set of proposed solutions and next steps to present to senior leaders of a real company in person during one of BEE’s live programs. Bonnie designed this module with case writer Sam Perkins.

cropped-cklotus.jpgMulti-Modal Curriculum

Data Wise: Bonnie’s team works with the Data Wise Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) to design and iteratively improve a series of online learning experiences for teachers, school leaders and coaches around the world. This multi-modal curriculum was featured at the 2015 Harvard IT Summit in a presentation by Bonnie and the Data Wise Project Director, Dr. Kathryn Boudett and includes a HarvardX MOOC and three programs offered through HGSE’s Programs in Professional Education (PPE). The courses were designed collaboratively by HarvardX, PPE, IT, and the Data Wise team. Bonnie presented her work on the Data Wise courses at the 2016 NERCOMP Annual Conference in a session called “Evidence-Based Instructional Improvement at Scale“.

Screenshots of various online learning programs developed for teachers, educational leaders, and policy makers at one of the world’s best universities.

cropped-cklotus.jpgOnline Programs

Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership: A fully online, media-rich, mixed-modality program featuring four distinct modules offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Learners engage in five weeks of content six weeks of job-embedded practice and application of module concepts. Bonnie and her team are designing the modules in partnership with colleagues in the Teaching and Learning Lab, Programs in Professional Education, Information Technology, and faculty teaching teams, under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth City. Bonnie and colleagues received a 2016 First Quarter Team Ed-Star award for leadership and creativity for their work on this program.

Certificate in Strategy and Competitive Analysis: An online learning series created for the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA®) in partnership with the New York Center for Strategic Innovation. The CSCA is a specialty credential designed specifically for CMAs, which complements and expands upon the strategic planning and analysis skills developed through the CMA® (Certified Management Accountants) certification. The screenshots below show samples from some of the modules in this learning series.


Annual Giving Campaign: In partnership with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Nonprofit Ready, and Partner in Publishing, we created a 3-part course for nonprofit agencies around the country to learn how to plan, execute, and implement their annual fundraising efforts. The screenshots below show samples from this program.