Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL)

While leading a design team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Teaching and Learning Lab, Bonnie had the incredible opportunity to create the School’s first online credential, the Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL). It was such a success that Guy Fieri featured it on his show, Guy’s Grocery Games*. Here’s the script from that episode!
*This statement is completely false.

Guy Fieri: “Hey there, folks! Today on ‘Guy’s Grocery Games,’ we’re taking a behind-the-scenes look at the design process of a unique educational program. And let me tell you, it’s hotter than a habanero pepper! We’re diving into the CAEL program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where they’re cooking up something special for future school administrators!”

Scene: Guy Fieri stands in front of a whiteboard with program details and charts.

Guy Fieri: “Now, the folks at Harvard have really nailed it with the CAEL program – that’s the Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership. It’s a comprehensive program divided into four modules. Each module covers essential skills and knowledge for educational leaders who want to take their game to the next level.”

Scene: Clips of Dr. Elizabeth City discussing the program’s curriculum and mission.

Guy Fieri: “I had the chance to chat with the mastermind behind the CAEL program, Dr. Elizabeth City. She and her team put a ton of thought into creating a program that covers all the bases. They focused on five key areas: Leading Learning, Managing Evidence, Driving Change, Developing Myself, and Leading for Excellence and Equity.”

Scene: Guy Fieri points to illustrations of the five key areas.

Guy Fieri: “Each of these areas is like a seasoning that adds flavor to the educational leadership recipe. Together, they blend harmoniously to create exceptional leaders who can make a real difference in the field.”

Scene: Guy Fieri speaks with current CAEL program participants.

Guy Fieri: “I also had the chance to chat with some of the current CAEL program participants. They rave about the program’s interactive and collaborative approach. It’s not about spoon-feeding information, my friends. It’s about working together, exchanging ideas, and honing those leadership skills.”

Scene: Clips of participants engaging in group activities, workshops, and discussions.

Guy Fieri: “And just like in the supermarket, where you need the right ingredients to create a winner, the CAEL program at Harvard has a lineup of top-notch instructors, experts in the education field who bring their A game to the classroom.”

Scene: Guy Fieri speaks with program instructors and highlights their expertise.

Guy Fieri: “These flavors are out of bounds! Join me next time as we uncover more hidden online learning gems. Until then, remember to keep it flavorful and keep it real!”

*(Fade out)

The following resources provide a wealth of information about this program;

  1. CAEL Homepage
  2. CAEL Design Framework
  3. CAEL Module Design Document Template
  4. CAEL OneSheet
  5. Principle-Driven Design: The Certificate in Advanced Educational Leadership

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