Interactive Case Study

While in her role as Blended Learning Manager at Babson Executive Education (BEE), Bonnie worked with esteemed faculty to create an online, interactive case study that presents the essential principles of root cause analysis and problem solving as a chief executive officer. It so happens that Anthony Bourdain once featured this project in a segment on his show, Parts Unknown! Here is the script from that segment:

In this episode, we’re diving headfirst into the world of designing an online, interactive case study for a strategic thinking course. Just like a master chef in the kitchen, we’ll need to carefully consider our ingredients and techniques to create something truly exceptional. Our yield statement for this adventure? A case study that will engage, challenge, and inspire participants to harness their strategic thinking skills.

Picture this: with the click of a button, eager learners step into the virtual shoes of decision-makers tackling real-world challenges. We want to make sure they’re fully immersed in the experience, so we’ll add heaps of interactivity and engaging elements. It’s not just about reading dry text or watching static videos—it’s about bringing the case study to life!

Using the power of technology, we’ll present participants with a mosaic of information: emails, chat logs, videos, press clippings, meeting notes, and more. They’ll navigate through this dynamic landscape, piecing together clues, insights, and perspectives. We want them to feel like they’re right there in the thick of it, tackling authentic challenges faced by a CEO.

Now, just like a perfectly balanced dish, collaboration is key. Participants will work together in teams, stirring their collective brainpower and diverse perspectives. Through lively discussions and brainstorming sessions, they’ll analyze the case study from all angles, challenging assumptions and identifying the underlying issues simmering beneath the surface.

Once they’ve cooked up a thorough analysis, it’s time to turn up the heat. Each team will whip up their own innovative solutions and strategic next steps. They’ll align these recipes with the course’s objectives, considering the ever-evolving landscape of strategic thinking. And here’s the best part: they’ll have the chance to present their findings not just to their classmates, but to real-life senior leaders in a thrilling live finale.

We’re not just teaching here, we’re cultivating creativity, adaptability, and effective communication. This isn’t your average case study—it’s an epic journey that leaves participants hungry for more. We’re empowering them to navigate the choppy waters of strategic thinking, arming them with the skills and knowledge they need to conquer complex business environments.

— Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown
(not really, don’t sue me)

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