At Course Kitchen, Inc., we follow a simple recipe for success. We blend your subject matter expertise, context, culture, and audience together with our skills in multi-modal learning experience design, development, technology, and evaluation. The result? A highly engaging, interactive learning experience your audience will love, improved performance, expanded understanding, and resolved learning challenges.

Bonnie Budd, Ed.D.

Dr. Budd founded Course Kitchen, Inc. in 2016 to do what she loves best: guiding organizations through change initiatives, creating high-impact learning programs, and mentoring younger designers in the art and science of creating online learning experiences. Over the last fifteen years (give or take), she has become a trusted thought leader, team builder, and mentor in the field of learning experience design. She is committed to the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement in herself, in her work, and on behalf of her clients.

Professional Experience

Dr. Budd teaches graduate students in the Master of Science program in Learning Experience Design at Brandeis University. In her day job, she leads an extraordinary team of designers, developers, and writers to create digital learning products for college and career readiness at Western Governor’s University. Prior to this role, she served as the inaugural Director of Online Learning at Bryant University, creating the school’s first online degree program. Bonnie has also led design teams at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Babson Executive Education, and the University of Missouri-St Louis.


Bonnie earned a BS in Mathematics from Salve Regina University in 1999 and a Master in Adult Education from the University of Rhode Island in 2008. She earned her doctorate in Education from Northeastern University. Her dissertation, “Motivation by Design: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of the Adult Student Experience in an Online Course“, epitomizes her commitment to putting theory into action to improve outcomes.

Bonnie with her husband and puppies on a sunny day


Along with her husband, stepson, and puppies Piper and Timber, Bonnie lives a quiet life in the Blackstone Valley of Massachusetts. She enjoys riding her bike, mowing the lawn, and reaping the benefits of Mike’s careful pruning of the many blueberry bushes in their backyard. She loves to cook, especially with friends willing to tackle complicated dishes, a joy she discovered upon starting Neighbor Dinners in St Louis. She owns a banjo with dreams of knowing how to play it someday, but so far it just looks pretty in the living room.


You can connect with Bonnie via LinkedIn, on Twitter @drbonniebudd, or via email at bonnie@coursekitchen.com.