Coming Fall 2023: Behavioral Safety Management

Welle Training leads the way in de-escalation education for healthcare professionals, law enforcement personnel, and educators. They have been committed to equipping individuals and organizations with the necessary skills to effectively defuse tense situations and promote peaceful resolutions.

But they wanted to take it up a notch and reimagine their online curriculum to ensure it remains cutting-edge and impactful. In a project spanning nearly 18 months, Course Kitchen redesigned the holistic learner journey for Welle’s client organizations.

The new and improved program is that it’s all about interactivity and inclusivity. The curriculum is now available in not just English, but also Spanish and Simplified Chinese. This multilingual adaptation allows individuals from diverse backgrounds to access the training and benefit from its invaluable insights. But accessibility was not limited to languages alone. Welle Training and Course Kitchen also prioritized making the curriculum fully accessible to everyone. They have incorporated features and design elements that ensure individuals with different abilities can engage with the material seamlessly.

To create an engaging and immersive learning experience, the curriculum includes real-life scenarios, decision drills, and assessments. These interactive components simulate challenging situations to keep learners on their toes and sharpen their de-escalation skills. Presented in a wide range of contexts and levels of risks, participants select scenarios that most closely match their own world of work.

Welle Training believes that effective de-escalation goes beyond just teaching techniques; it’s about fostering a true culture of understanding and empathy. By taking a trauma-informed approach, the curriculum equips learners not only with practical skills but also with the ability to respond with compassion and sensitivity in high-stress situations. This emphasis on empathy promotes a lasting impact that extends beyond individuals and spreads throughout entire organizations.

We can’t wait to see the new curriculum launch in Fall 2023. We’re eagerly looking forward to witnessing the positive transformation it will facilitate within Welle’s client organizations!

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