Custom Course Templates


  • 1 cup of vision from the Vice Provost of Graduate and Professional Studies at Salve Regina University
  • Shared passion for high-quality online course design
  • A diverse array of programs
  • A team of dedicated program directors


Step 1: Preparing the Vision

Start by combining Dr. David Altounian’s educational vision with the passion for creating exceptional courses.

Step 2: Mixing the Programs

In a large mixing bowl, gather the diverse array of graduate and professional studies programs offered by Salve Regina University.

Step 3: Blending with the Directors

Carefully fold in the program directors, who will play a key role in implementing the standardized course development approach.

Step 4: Adding the Secret Ingredient

Introduce Course Kitchen’s personalized approach to the mixture. Make sure it is evenly incorporated throughout the various programs.

Step 5: Achieving Consistency

Allow the template to rest and ensure consistency in course design and academic standards across all graduate and professional studies programs.

Step 6: Streamlining the Process

Simplify and streamline the course creation process for instructors, making it efficient and effective.

Step 7: Catering to Program Formats

Adapt the template to different program formats, such as 7-week and 15-week courses, ensuring flexibility to meet the needs of various programs.

Step 8: Creating a Course Navigation Dish

Design a beautifully intuitive course homepage that serves as a dashboard for students, providing easy navigation to weekly landing pages.

Step 9: Mixing and Matching

On the weekly landing pages, provide instructors with customizable content blocks that they can mix and match to create engaging learning experiences. These blocks can include assigned readings, discussion forums, live virtual sessions, assignments, and detailed rubrics.

Step 10: Serving Excellence

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