Essentials for New Managers

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  • Corporate training leaders at Microsoft.
  • Industrial/Organizational psychologists from The Mind Gym.
  • Elearning developers from Course Kitchen
  • Engaging multimedia content creation
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Thorough quality assurance and accessibility testing
  • Timely and relevant topics for new managers


  1. Combine adult learning theory with organizational psychology and instructional technology to create a solid foundation.
  2. Blend in engaging multimedia content creation techniques.
  3. Incorporate interactive learning activities that encourage active participation and practical application.
  4. Carefully test for full accessibility to all learners everywhere.
  5. Top with animations and illustrations developed by The Mind Gym in the style of Microsoft’s aesthetic at the time.
  6. Continuously refine and update the content to ensure it remains fresh and impactful.

Enjoy the process of creating a comprehensive online learning series for new managers that will equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for success!

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